Rats Remote
When Bringing it to the shop just isn't an option.
Created by a PC repair tech for PC repair techs

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Computer malfunctioning has become a common problem these days. With majority of individuals all over the world who own a computer, the demands for repair and support have been rapidly increasing. Today, almost everything can be handled remotely and you get amazing results even without getting off your chair.

We utilize open source technology wrapped in advanced configuration paving way for secure and easy deployment for you and your clients. There is no longer need to figure out IP address or set up firewall because we will handle everything for you. From computer technicians helping clients to kids helping their parents, this is what Rats Remote is all about.

Here at Rats Remote we offer free desktop sharing for any one in need with an assortment of quick fixes in our tool box. as well as an online directory of remote services who offer general tutorials, remote support and remote repair. not every thing can be done online but a lot can be.